Body Oils   100ml

Body Oils 100ml


Try one of these gentle oils 

  • Lemon & Lavender . Apricot Kernel Oil is rich in linoleic acid that firms skin tone. It is gentle, nourishing and an effective treatment for eczema. This beautiful blend includes Lemon & Lavender essential oils, providing a fresh yet relaxing experience.  Happiness & good health included.
  • Sage & Citrus is truly divine. Apricot Kernel Oil with a mesmerising blend of Clary Sage & Pink Grapefruit. Perfect for relaxation massage particularly during times of stress & anxiety. An ideal womens body oil during hormonal change or upset. 
  • Balance is a blend of Apricot Kernel Oil with the perfect synergy of Orange Peel, Patchouli & Lavender. This stunning oil will support harmony, calm and balance. Perfect for relaxation massage to relieve tension, calm the mind and revive the body.
  • Product Information:

    These oils are all rich in ingredients the skin needs to stay hydrated & supple. Every oil is gentle enough for all skin types. Massage is so therapeutic, not only for your physical wellbeing but also your general mood & mental health. Massage stimulates the lymphatic system and circulatory systems, which boosts our immune system. Make massage a regular part of your health & wellebing routine.


    Do Not Ingest / External Use Only / Stop Use if irritation occurs

    Best stored below 30 degrees / 100% certified organic botanical oils

    Pregnant women should consult with their physician prior to using essential oils. 

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  • Ingredients : certified organic oils

    • Apricot Kernel Oil with Lemon & Lavender oils
    • Apricot Kernel Oil with Orange Peel, Patchouli & Lavender oils
    •  Apricot Kernel Oil with Pink Grapefruit & Clary Sage oils
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    These oils are also available in 200ml & 500ml bottles. Please contact us by email if you would like a large size.