Glass Om Diffuser Pendant


Aromatherapy Jewellery is the perfect way to use a jewellery piece as your own personal essential oil diffuser. The method is simple: essential oils are added to an absorbent pad and when worn, the warmth of your body gently heats the oils and allows them to diffuse through the open holes and into the air around you. This beautiful glass pendant features a metal base with a decorative Om symbol face. Om is intergral to Hindu, Buddhist and Jainism faith. It represents the most divine, cosmic sound. It is deeply spiritual and when practised intently, will provide the ultimate tool for meditation. The pendant uses a felt textile pad to absorb your favourite essential oil.  Packaged in a delicate organza pouch and boxed, the pendant makes a beautiful gift even for those unfamiliar with it's magic.

  • Instructions

    Take one pad & add a few drops of essential oil. Open the face of the pendant and insert the pad. As you wear the pendant, the warmth of your body will heat the pad & diffuse the oils. Replenish the oil as desired.

    *Each pendant comes with 5 extra pads 


    Do Not Ingest / External Use Only / Stop Use if irritation occurs

    Pendant should be stored in pouch provided 

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