Australian Green Clay  60g

Australian Green Clay 60g


100% pure, natural green clay is ideal for combination skin, oily & acne prone skin types. This amazing clay becomes an exfoliating, detox mask for the face & throat, drawing impurities & unwanted natural oils to the surface to be washed away. Take a heap spoonful of dry clay and using a small bowl, add either a few drops of water, or Argan Oil, and mix until all the clay is blended into a paste. Once the skin is coated in clay, sit quietly while it goes to work. Within approx 15 minutes of application the mask should have dried & done its job. A fast, super cleanse once a week will deliver a clear,glowing complexion. 

  • Directions:

    Mix approx 2 - 3 teaspoons of dry clay with warm water or Argan Oil in a small non-metal dish and blend into a spreadable paste. Apply all over the face & neck (or desired area of skin) and massage gently in circular motions. Once the clay is dry, rinse off with warm water and apply your favourite oil or moisturiser.

    External Use Only / Stop use if irritation occurs / Do Not use metal utensils

  • Ingredients

    • Australian Olive Green Clay (Kaolin , quartz)
  • Our eco pouch

    Our Clays are packaged in an oxy-biodegradable paper pouch. These eco bags break down within one year. Take off the label and bury them deep in the composter or garden.

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