Botanical Face Oils (25ml)


Choose the Face Oil that best suits your skins needs;
All three oils offer effective hydration due to the high composition of essential fatty acids and vitamin A & E, which repair the hydro-lipid layers of the skin. Their tiny molecules easily penetrate into the dermis, much more efficiently than moisturiser & lotion.
Argan Oil replenshes our skin cells moisture content, to plump and iron out wrinkles. It is also an excellent conditioning treatment for hair. Fingernails & toenails will be restored to their youthful best by massaging Argan Oil around the cuticle area twice a week.
Rose Hip Seed Oil supports skin restoration particularly where there is scarring or blemishes. Ideal for stretch marks, pigmentation and acne-prone skin as the high fatty acid & vitamn A content feeds the cells deep within. New cells equals new rejuvinated skin. 
Evening Primrose Oil is scientifically proven to reduce irritation and alleviate symptoms ts of effects of dermatitis, rosacea and eczema. The high Omega - 6 content goes to work, balancing and calming inflammation that causes itch, swelling & patchy redness.

  • Product Information:

    100% certified organic oils, rich in vitamins A & E, essential fatty acids and anti-oxidents. They can be used on any skin type, day or night as they naturally balance the skins oil production.  They will deeply nourish into the dermal layers as they regenerate new skin cells and calm inflammation. 

    These oils have been used for many centuries due to their therapeutic properties and effective healing action.


    Do Not Ingest / External Use Only / Stop Use if irritation occurs

    Best stored below 30 degrees / 100% certified organic botanical oils

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  • Ingredients: Certified organic oil

    Argan Oil  - choose from virgin or refined


    Rose Hip Seed Oil - infused with soya bean & olive oil to reduce oxidization


    Evening Primrose Oil - infused with soya bean & olive oil to reduce oxidization

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