DIY Clay Mask Kit

DIY Clay Mask Kit


Using natural clays to cleanse the skin can be a game changer. Clay is an excellent way to detox the skin, absorbing unwanted natural oil (sebum), toxins and grime from the layers. Some clays suit problematic or oily skin and will help reduce inflammation, pimples & acne while others suit all skin types. Those who experience dermatitis also claim clay is brilliant.

Our DIY Clay Mask kit includes a choice of Australian Green Clay (ideal for oily, combination & problem skin) or Ghassoul Clay (ideal for all skin types) plus our brand new, cute as a button Signature Clay Dish & wooden mixing Spatula. All you need to do is add water or your preferred additive such as oil or yoghurt. So get creative this weekend, take some time for you and give your skin the most amazing cleanse it's had in a long time. You won't regret it and your skin will look & feel wonderful.

  • Product Information:

    Australian Green Clay - 100% pure Ilite clay. Ideal for oily, problem skin. Excellent treatment for pimples & acne (50g)


    Ghassoul Clay - 100% Moroccan clay. Ideal for all skin types. The only hydrating clay discovered so far  (50g)


    Mixing Dish - hand made for us by Snowflake Ceramics, Newcastle.

    Wooden Spatula - always use non-metal with clay.

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  • Tips for Use

    First, fill the bowl with water and then add a spoonful of clay. Allow the clay to sit and absorb the water. Then take the spatula & slowly blend into a paste. Remember, it shouldn't be too runny or it won't apply evenly. Smooth over the entire face & neck, if desired, using your finger tips or a brush. Once the mask has dried, it's done its job and you can wash it off. Be mindful not to use metal as it deactivates the properties that create this amazing cleanse.