Immune Support Body Oil (100 ml)


Extensive studies of essential oils have identified the strong immune boosting properties of the oils formulated in this blend. We have taken delicate Sweet Almond Oil and added Orange Peel, Eucalyptus Citriodora, Rosemary & Clove Bud essential oils to create a stimulating, invigorating body oil.

These oils work at a cellular level to support the bodies immune system which is essential to good health & wellbeing. Clove Bud Oil has the highest antioxidant value of any vegetable, fruit or plant known to man. The skin is the bodies largest organ, so using this oil during massage stimulates the systems responsible for removing toxins, invoking a real sense of wellness. Combined with regular, daily exercise and a healthy meal plan, your immune system will receive the support it deserves and you will be rewarded with good health.

  • Product Information:

    Sweet Almond Oil is incredible. Rich in vitamin A and antioxidants, it is super nourishing and UV protective. The light texture and tiny molecule composition means it is easily absorbed into the skin and thats vital for this blend. Combined with the super oils, Orange Peel Oil which is high in monoterpenes that fight free radicals and boost the immune system. Rosemary Oil which is also highly effective in supporting our immune system and is considered one of the most powerfully medicinal herbs. Eucalyptus Citriodora has strong antiinfectious & antiviral properties. It is pathogen warrior. And last but not least, Clove Bud Oil which has the strongest antioxidant properties of any known fruit, vegetable or herb on earth. Used regularly as a body oil or in the bath, this is an immune boosting powerhouse helping you fight bacterial & viral infection.


    Do Not Ingest / External Use Only / Stop Use if irritation occurs

    Best stored below 30 degrees /        100% certified organic oils

    Avoid during pregnancy / Consult your physician, prior to use, if you are currently treating a health condition 

  • We Recommend

    Immune Support Body Oil for anyone suffering from a compromised immune system. Anyone recovering from illness such as virus or influenza or at times when you feel you need a boost to your general health & wellbeing. Apply to the entire body, excluding the facial area. Massage into limbs, torso and soles of your feet. This amazing blend has been formulated as a therapeutic aid for improving general wellbeing. It exhibits quite an earthy, menthol aroma. We all know how important it is to maintain our immune system and keep our vitality levels in balance so we have the energy to keep doing what we love to do. This oil blend is key to acheiving this.

  • Ingredients : certified organic oils

    Sweet Almond Oil, Orange Peel Oil, Eucalyptus Citriodora Oil, Rosemary Oil, Clove Bud Oil (1%)

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