Luxe Facial Trio

Luxe Facial Trio


Our simple 3 step facial provides the perfect way to tone & balance the skin, leaving it hydrated, glowing and free of nasty toxic residuals. We offer two options, depending on your skin type. One for oily / combination or acne prone skin and the other for dehydrated / ageing skin. Both offer the incredible benefits of natural ingredients that were discovered centuries ago and are constantly being replicated in laboratories across the world today. However, in our opinion nothing can capture the true essence of nature. Take a look at the two options below and choose which one would best suit your skin type. 

  • Product Information:

    Option 1:  suits combination / problem / oily skin. The ultimate detox and re-balance of oil production and skin tone. Included in the pack;

    Australian Green Clay which absorbs excess oils, unclogs pores and helps balance the skin to an optimal pH (5 - 5.5). Witch Hazel Toning Mist with the additinal benefits of evening primrose oil & geranium oil which calms the skin after cleansing to balance natural oil production.                          Forever Face Oil which offers the amazing benefits of avocado oil, rosehip seed oil and frankincense. Rich in oleic acid, anti-inflammatories and natural UV protective properties, this beautiful oil will nourish and heal the skin without making it oily. It is also ideal as a night serum.

    Option 2: suits dry / dehydrated / sun damaged skin. Intensely cleanse and hydrate the skin, nourishing the dermal "building blocks" that retain vital moisture. The pack includes;

    Ghassoul Clay, the wonder cleanse. It is suitable for all skin types and perfect for dehydrated skin, as it is the only hydrating clay on the planet. Moroccans have used this forever on their skin & hair for this reason. It is, quite simply, the most amazing cleanse you will ever experience. Follow with a mist of Witch Hazel Toning Spray and you will notice an immediate improvement in your skins appearance & tone. Finally, our Pomegranate Seed Oil Blend is ideal for dry skin that may have seen too much sun. This oil is rich in fatty acids, especially Omega 5 which turns on cell rejuvination and collegen synthesis. It has high UV protective properties, so it can be used day or night. We blend it with rosemary leaf extract & geranium oil to help balance your natural sebum production and calm any inflammation.

    * Both options include a Bamboo Cotton facial cleansing pad to use before you apply the clay mask  (machine washable)

  • Product Packaging;

    These must have organic products are nestled in an eco friendly box, finished in tissue and sealed with a rose gold heart, making it a truly beautiful gift for anyone who loves natural skincare.

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