Mini Home Facial

Mini Home Facial


What does every weekend deserve? Our Mini Home Facial of course. This super handy pack includes a Clay to cleanse the skin like no formulated product could. Choose from Ghassoul Clay, the only clay that hydrates as it detoxes the skin or Australian Green Clay for oily, combination or problem prone skin (comes with wooden spatula for mixing) . A bamboo Cotton Facial Cleansing Pad to use after your clay mask is rinsed off. Gentle on the skin and our environment, as it can be used over & over again. Next, one of our custom face oil blends. For healthy skin tone & real hydration we give you the choice of either Pomegranate Seed Oil Blend or Forever Face Oil. Light on application, easily absorbed & super hydrating, these beautiful oil blends will leave your skin nourished & glowing. With the added benefits of Geranium Oil or Frankincense, both will be your aromatherapy skincare secret.  Finally, the most important daily essential, Repair Lip Balm. Our lips can quickly dry out from wind or stress, but our balm will soothe chapped lips, heal cracks and moisturise for hours. So, for the ultimate self care essential, try our Mini Home Facial

  • Product Information:

    1 x Ghassoul or Australian Green Clay

    1 x wood spatula for clay mask blending

    1 x Bamboo Cotton Facial Cleansing Pad

    1 x Face Oil Blend (of choice)

    1 x Repair Lip Balm 

  • Ingredients : 100% certified organic

    Clays : 100% moroccan ghassoul or green illite

    Pomegranate Seed Oil : pomegranate seed oil, oilive oil, soya bean oil, rosemary leaf extract, geranium oil

    Forever Face Oil: avocado oil, evening primrose oil,rosehip seed oil, frankincense oil

    Lip Balm : coconut oil, almond oil, cocoa butter, jojoba, bees wax, shea butter, vitamin E, (natural, mint oil or vanilla bean extract options)

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