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Ghassoul Clay  50g

Ghassoul Clay 50g


Ghassoul Clay is a Moroccan lava clay mined in the Atlas Mountains. Moroccan women have used this clay on their skin & hair for centuries. It is rich in calcium, magnesium & potassium which nourishes the skin. The clay mixes easily with water or oil to create a beautiful mask. There are two things we love about this product. It's incredible ability to absorb unwanted oils & draw impurities to the surface to be washed away, but also at the same time the unique benefit of hydrating the skin.  Second, it comes in a bio-degradable pouch for eco consumers warriors.

  • Directions:

    Take a small non-metal dish and fill with water. Add approx 2 - 3 teaspoons of clay to the dish & allow it to absorb the water. Gently blend into a spreadable paste using the wooden spatula provided. Apply all over the face & neck (or your hair) and massage gently in circular motions. Once the mask is dry, rinse off with warm water and apply your favourite oil or moisturiser.

    External Use Only / Stop use if irritation occurs

    Do Not use metal utensils

    * dish in the image not included

  • Ingredients :

    • Maroccan Ghassoul [Rhassoul] Clay 
  • We recommend

    Clays must not come in touch with any metal as it deactivates the very properties that cleanse & detox. Wood, ceramic or plastic only.

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