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Rosie & Joe's was founded by Rosemary Miller in 2017. She has been a devotee of natural, non-toxic products for years & found it life changing. This prompted her interest in organics & essential oils, blending her own skincare & household cleaning products. She has studied aromatherapy & skincare formulation and continues her studies to ensure she remains up to date with the most current findings & ingredients. If you prefer truly natural, non-toxic products then Rosie and Joe's is what you're searching for.  "I love botanical ingredients. Nature provides us with all we need for our physical, mental & spiritual wellbeing. I believe it is our obligation to nurture our environment with gratitude & respect".
Essential Oils
Each formula is 100% natural with zero toxins & synthetics."I am absolutely against the use of animals for product testing and I ensure these principles right through our supply chain, from the raw ingredients to the finished product. I package in reusable & recyclable glass, compostable pouches & containers. I deliver using Australia's only carbon neutral courier company Sendle. You have to keep reminding yourself, whatever you are not changing you are choosing. In November 2020 I proudly received 1st Place, 2nd Place and Editor's Choice in the Australian Non-Toxic Awards for two products. It was so wonderful to be recognised for my effort."
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Essential Oil Blends  15ml
Facial Oil

Which skin type am I?

First, it's beneficial to know your skin type & understand how your skin behaves. Our integumentary system is a complex matrix of connective layers constantly manufacturing new cells. The main objective is to provide a barrier that holds water in and keeps impurities out. Healthy skin structure & tone is dependent on barrier function. If the structure of the layers is disorganised our skin is susceptible to inflammation. The pH of adult skin is normally around 5.3, slightly acidic. This helps the skin to fight free radicals, microbes & inflammation that can cause acne rosacea & dermatitis.
Let's take a look at how aromatic skincare can help....
After cleansing, is your skin tight? Do you experience rough, flaky patches? These are typical signs of dry skin that under produce the natural oils needed to condition the skin. This can lead to fine, sensitive skin which wrinkles prematurely.
We recommend Pomegranate Seed Blend.
This beautiful oil is rich in nourishing vitamins, fatty acids & polyphenols which boost collagen metabolism. It contains punicic acid, an Omega 5 fatty acid, which turns on skin cell production to support the skin barrier. Scientific studies show pomegranate oil has a UV protective ability allowing daytime application. Infused with Geranium oil, this blend is hydrating and restorative while balancing the skins natural oil production. 
After cleansing, does your skin feel greasy? Do you have shiny, thickened patches, with enlarged pores. Are you prone to pimples? These are typical indicators of oily skin. You might be shocked to know that botanical oils can reduce excessive oil production & control bacteria that causes blemishes.
First, cleanse with Australian Green Clay 
This absorbs excess oils & draws impurities to the skins surface to be washed away without stimulating the cells to produce more sebum. After washing the mask off spritz our Facial Toning Spray to control natural oil production & tone. Then lightly apply the exquisite Precious Oils Night Serum. This beautiful blend contains oil regulating Jojoba & Marula Oil with Argan & Rose Hip Seed Oils which are rich in vitamin E and scar repairing properties. Then we add the queen of oils - Rose oil which has a toning effect on capillaries & is a mild astringent.
Combination skin is of course dry in areas but oily in other places. The classic T Zone skin type.
Ghassoul Clay cleanses & detoxes the skin but unlike other clays, it is hydrating. After washing the clay mask away, spritz the skin with our Facial Toning Spray to control oil production & calm sebum activity. Then apply Pomegranate Seed Oil Blend which is light on application but very moisturising with the balancing properties of Geranium Oil to support perfect tone & texture. It will also help optimise your skins pH.
You can revitalise your skin with botanical ingredients, soothe irritation, diminish scarring and fade pigmentation. Learn to balance your skin's pH and natural oil production by choosing the most suitable products for you and we promise, you will see visible change & improvement in the tone & texture of your skin.



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