MY FIRST: Time using Oils for Skincare

Essential Oils are extracted from different parts of plants & trees such as the flowers and fruits. They are rich in potent ingredients that will nourish the skin like no other synthetic product can.

It might seem absurd to put oil on an oily complexion but the fact is, essential oils do not block the pores like commercial creams & serums do.

If your using oil for the first time we recommend Carrot Seed, Lavender & Sandalwood for youthful skin. If the skin is mature or sun damaged, use oil of Geranium, Rose, Frankincense or Argan. These oils have powerful anti-aging properties and work against free radicals helping to tighten the elastin, so our skin feels hydrated and nourished. Rose oil promotes healing against sun damage and improves circulation. Blend a few drops of oil with Aloe Vera Gel and massage gently into your skin before bed. Take your time and use slow gentle motions all over your face and throat. You will feel wonderfully relaxed right before lights out.

One of our favourite essential oils is Rose Hip. This magical marvel is excellent for any scarring on the skin such as acne or stretch marks. This oil is high in omega fatty acids, anti-oxidants and Vitamin A. Gently massage the oil into the healed scar area, in circular motions every day. Rose Hip Oil can also be used on the face to hydrate and nourish. We blend it with Aloe Vera Gel and apply over the face and throat at night.

Some can use oil every day, however if your skin is already well hydrated you may only need to apply oils once or twice a week, alternating with a moisturiser to balance your skin.

Sweet dreams

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