AM I : Winter Ready

Winter is a beautiful season but it can also be very unforgiving if we don't change our life style to deal with the cold environment. The westerly winds and chilly temperature's are harsh playing conditions. We need to create warm, cosy spots around our home because we generally stay in more. Our diet will need extra healthy fats, Vitamin C & Echinacea to battle the flu invasion. Some of us will need to change the way we exercise. Our skin will require a different daily ritual to the one we follow in summer.

In winter, skin can feel dehydrated and our lips will crack and split. Winter is a hard task master if we don't arrive well equipped. Rosie & Joe's have all the winter skin essentials and lots of handy hints to help you feel healthy and nourished all season long. Our Shea Butter Lip Balm is a must have for the cold days ahead. If you do succumb to a cold try our Clear Chest Oil which is packed with all the help you need to get a good night sleep & fight it off.

Take a look at our Essential Oils collection. There is nothing nicer than the aroma of your favourite throughout the home. Try our delicious recipes full of flavour & nourishing goodness. Our BLOG will feature new recipes each month. Sample our soothing After Sport Balm after your winter workout. We are taking the season on with confidence. We are winter ready.

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