Our business started like many, as a dream and a hope for Merewether Beach local, Rosemary Miller. She began using natural, non-toxic products years ago, which was life changing. This prompted her interest in organics & essential oils, which led to blending her own skincare & household cleaning products. In 2016 she decided to abandon her 9 to 5 and get serious about re-educating herself.  Rosie adds, "I've studied formulation, the science of essential oils and many natural remedies. My study will be ongoing, as it is key to the purpose of the business. Knowledge & understanding of the ingredients, the skins structure & skin types is paramount when creating effective products. I want my business to make a difference to peoples lives. I want everyone to experience how incredible natural ingredient products make you feel. The impact is mind blowing really".
We blend the finest certified organic oils & botanical ingredients to create effective, therapeutic products. Everything we blend has zero toxins, zero synthetics & zero animal testing. We ensure this right through our supply chain, from the raw ingredients to the finished product. We are committed to change. We package in reusable & recyclable glass, compostable pouches & containers. We deliver in recyclable cartons using Australia's only carbon neutral courier company, Sendle. Change starts with every one of us and living a natural existence, conscious of how our products are produced & packaged is fundamental to the future of this planet.  Our mantra - "Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing."
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Discover...the benefits of anti-viral oils

With all the information now available and the world-wide stats on COVID19, it is easy to feel overwhelmed, anxious and fearful of this virus.The statistics tell us most people experience light symptoms. Around 10% will experience severe symptoms with a 2% fatality rate. Staying home & personal hygiene are the game changers, so wash your hands more regularly, include more vegetables & herbal teas in your diet & avoid touching your mouth & nose. Use your oils more often & wipe down everything daily.

Essential oils have played a significant role in fighting viral infection for many centuries. In fact as early as the 15th century, herbs, spices and garlic were successfully used as protection against the black plague.

We have been blending Immune Support Body Oil & Winter Warrior Essential Oil Blend for the last three years to support your fight against Flu and the common cold. Both have strong anti-viral, anti-infectious and antiseptic properties. 

Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Lemon & Clove are only a few of the powerful oils included in these two incredible blends. Add the body oil to a bath and the essential oil to your diffuser or cleaning bucket. You can find them both on our Aromatherapy page. Just hit the link below




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