Rosie & Joe's was founded in 2017 by Newcastle local, Rosemary Miller. Rosie began using natural, non-toxic products years ago, which was life changing. This prompted her interest in organics & essential oils, blending her own skincare & household cleaning products. In 2016 she decided to abandon her 9 to 5 and get serious about re-educating herself. She has studied aromatherapy and product formulation. I am fascinated with ancient remedies. My study will be ongoing, as this is key to the purpose of the business. Knowledge & understanding of the ingredients, the skins structure & skin types is paramount when creating effective products. I want my business to make a difference to peoples lives. I want everyone to experience how incredible natural ingredient products are. In particular the power & beauty of essential oils".
All my formulas have zero toxins, zero synthetics & zero animal testing. I ensure this right through our supply chain, from the raw ingredients to the finished product. I am committed to change. I package in reusable & recyclable glass, compostable pouches & containers. I deliver using Australia's only carbon neutral courier company, Sendle because whatever you are not changing, you are choosing. I am proud to have received 1st Place & 2nd Place in the Australian Non-Toxic Awards, 2020 for two products. Recognition of our effort for change is just incredible.
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Essential Oil Blends  15ml

Which skin type am I?

First, it's beneficial to know your skin type & understand how your skin behaves. Our skin is a complex matrix of layers constantly manufacturing new cells. There are 3 main skin types influenced by many skin conditions.
Let's take a look at the basics......
After cleansing, is your skin tight? Do you experience rough, flaky patches? These are typical signs of dry skin that isn't producing adequate natural oils to condition the skin.
We recommend Forever Face Oil as its composition is rich in nourishing vitamins and fatty acids plus the benefits of Frankincense which minimise lines & wrinkles that dehydration cause.
After cleansing, does your skin feel greasy? Do you have shiny patches, in particular the T zone. Are you prone to pimples? These are typical elements of oily skin. You might be shocked to know that botanical oils can assist excessive oil production.
We recommend cleansing with Australian Green Clay which absorbs excess oils & draws impurities to the skins surface to be washed away. Then apply Precious Oils Night Serum. This beautiful blend contains oil regulating Jojoba & Marula Oil plus Argan & Rose Hip Seed Oils which are rich in vitamin E and scar repairing properties. 
Combination skin is of course dry in areas but oily in other places. So what products suit?
Ghassoul Clay cleanses & detoxes the skin but it's hydrating, unlike other clays. After washing the clay away, spritz the skin with our Facial Toning Spray to control oil production & tone the skin. Then apply Pomegranate Seed Oil Blend which is light yet moisturising with the balancing properties of Geranium Oil to support perfect tone & texture.
Nature provides everything our bodies need to stay healthy. You can revitalise your skin with botanical oils, soothe irritation, diminish scarring and fade pigmentation. Learn to understand your skin, choose the most suitable products for you and we promise, you will love the skin you're in.



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