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Discover...the benefits of oil for hair

At some point in time you realise your hair doesn't have that same glossy, bounce it once had.  Why?

Well, it might be environmental factors like pollution or sun exposure that are damaging your hair. It's highly likely you've been using a range of products that you know nothing about. Products packed with synthetic ingredients that strip the hair of its natural oils. It's safe to assume most of us blow dry or straighten our hair, which really takes a toll right?

We may just have the exact product you need. Our Hair Restore Oil has been specifically blended for dry, damaged hair that needs some serious care & attention. We have chosen some of the best certified organic oils for hair condition & growth. These are the oils that comprise our Hair Restore Oil and this is why we chose them;

Argan Oil has been used by Moroccans for centuries to nourish their skin & hair. Rich in vitamins & minerals and with a high UV protective property, it conditions the hair, repairs & protects sun damage.

Jojoba is actually a liquified wax and is the closest known substance to our own natural body oil, sebum. Jojoba will condition & maintain a healthy scalp which prevents dandruff & promotes hair growth.

Grapeseed Oil is an essential ingredient. It is light on application, moisturising for the hair & scalp and a highly effective treatment against hair loss. It is scientifically proven to block the production of DHT, a hormone which causes hair loss.

Orange Oil is rich in vitamin C. It helps to soothe the scalp and promote growth. It supports a healthy shine and gives this oil a fresh, zesty aroma.

Rosemary Oil is probably used in millions of haircare products because it works. Ancient remedies used Rosemary Oil for hair condition. It promotes cell division which in turn stimulates growth. 

Lavender Oil prevents the hair from drying out and works to condition stressed, damaged strands. This stunning floral oil also contributes to the aroma.

And so, after weeks of research & formulation trials we have created Hair Restore Oil. Just a few drops worked into the scalp and through the strands will deliver fabulous results. Your hair will keep it's condition much longer than just using a conditioner.

You will notice your hair looks & feels healthier, shinier and with regular application will promote new growth. We strongly recommend using a natural shampoo & conditioner. Apply the oil to wet or dry hair. Wrap your hair in a very hot, wet towel and leave on for at least 30 mins. Then wash normally.

Try our Hair Restore Oil and wear your best hair all summer long.





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